Peace is Priceless
Peaceless Prayer is Useless

By the name of Gracious the most matchless in Mercy
and by whose Authority the sun shines
and the moon moves in the sky.


Hearty Welcome to Dear Readers.

May the Almighty — Majestic Lord of Universe full of Mercy and Grace, be well pleased with you and all of your near and dears and Bless Perfect Peace and Prosperity forever. Peace — be on you. The Pleasure of Paradise be on you. Celebrate with praises the name of Universal Lord of Majesty, Bounty, Honour and Supreme.

Peace is not an object purchasable from a shop. It is the Gift of the Almighty and fully spiritual. Spiritual rewards from the Almighty are the highest and permanent than the physical rewards.

This is a blessed message from the Lord of Universe, a guidance and a glad tidings for the true. Mercy is from Him, Who grants it to whom He pleases, Who is the much sought object in meditation by the pure and perfect souls and all by the Holy Books.

These blessed messages are for men of spiritual understanding. These messages makes you to remember the Almighty still further and further, better and better by heart and soul.

May His blessings enrich you, place you in Good Health, free you from all pains physical and mental and grant your justified appeals in prayer.

These spiritual messages were blessed from Divine Spring as Milky Falls for all the True and Perfect.

Spiritual awakening leads you to taste the Divine nectar and makes you from mortal to immortal spiritually.The blessed will be crowned with peace, satisfaction and joy in the eternal spiritual kingdom.

He is Almighty — Lord of Universe who provides trillion and trillions of Mega Watts of Solar Light in a day for the benefit of His creations. Like so the Almighty provides trillion and trillions of cubic meter of water from the sky for the benefit of mankind free of cost. He is Almighty who provides the rich oxygen to breath for all of His creations in earth and sea. Man is to imagine the services of the Almighty for His creations.

Dear fortunate and blessed reader. Greetings to you all. Peace and Prosperity be on you from the holy Lord of Universe — Owner of Peace and Pleasure, Mercy and Praise.  Please read this slowly, peacefully and digest this message with spiritual vision, full meaning and understanding. May this message fill your heart with the deeper understanding of you and the divinity and will fetch you, all prosperity, peace and pleasure. May this message awaken the divinity in you and make you a perfect person with full spiritual knowledge.

Dear reader you can read these messages translated through google in your own country language. Google provides translation of these messages in multi national languages — more than 90 Languages of the world. Please avail of this facility and benefit. Thanking you.

By these messages and divine gift the mortal becomes immortal spiritually. Spiritual peace and pleasure cannot be catched in words. But can be felt in personally. Spiritual awakening is the gift of the Almighty to know Him and His Powers. This can be possible only by His Grace. Spiritual peace is a permanent Treasure even after death.

Praise all be to the Almighty — Who created sun and moon, earth and sea and all the contents in the sky, who created man the best of all creations and bestowed upon him divine spiritual knowledge as a mercy, who guards the heart of His loved ones from the filth of this earth and guides the mankind with His Holy spiritual message. Again all praise be to the Almighty who gifted this knowledge and offered an opportunity to read this message for all the fair ones. Peace and Power rests only with Him, who admits the pure and perfect in His ever living brightness and guides with His Holiness.

Mercy speaks. Only very few hears. Be a mercy of the Lord of universe for mercy has life and it has blessings — rich blessings. The bounty of the Almighty for the mankind is immense.

Very surely remembrance of the Almighty refreshes the heart and mind, restores Peace and Pleasure.

O! the Almighty and the Universal Lord of our Peace and Prosperity.

Bestow us all – the beautiful benefits in and out of this earth. Free us from the pollution of hoarded worries  from our mind and soul and save us from the fire of hell, restore our peace and prosperity. Save us from all witch and evils seen and unseen.

Divine Bliss is an inexplicable inward joy, very difficult to describe in words. Of all the bliss. Divine bliss is the highest and permanent. Worry is nothing to do with it. Inspiration is the richest and highest of all the Gifts of the Almighty for the pure and perfect. It is the spiritual wisdom that makes the dead heart alive and fresh.

O! The Lord of Universe. Forgive me and all my lapses to remember you.  Forgive my parents, forgive my teacher, forgive all the fair ones in earth dead and alive. Very surely you are the hearer of this appeal and prayer. Bestow us all your mercy and blessings.


A pure heart is the paradise of peace from where the divinity blossoms and radiates with rich fragrance of peace and pleasure.

Divine treasures are the highest spiritual knowledge that lifts you to the higher mysteries of time and nature, that lifts you even very near to the throne of the Almighty. Be in service of the Lord of universe. Hidden spiritual forces — even the angels will be online to work for you to your Great Wonder.

The Knowledged seeks the Almighty by:-

  1. Charity
  2. Wisdom
  3. Selfless love and mercy
  4. Peace and Patience
  5. To seek Him in prayer by Meditation is the Highest of all.

These blessed messages are the ocean of spiritual wisdom that closes all the gates of hell and opens the Paradise of Peace to the True, pure and perfect :—

Whose thirst longs for Spiritual Knowledge by heart and soul,

Whose thirst longs for Peace and Pleasure,

Whose thirst longs for Perfection, in and out of this earth,

Whose thirst longs to live forever in Divine Bliss even after death

It is the bounden duty of everybody to know why we are created and sent to earth. Why we are recalled from earth either for heaven or hell? What the Great Almighty expects from us for all the gift and benefit we enjoy day to day in earth? What is the cost of our eye, cost of our heart, cost of our brain and body? What is the cost of the oxygen we breath in our whole life time? How freely we enjoy the divine gift and our health? We are not able to repay by any means for all the divine gift and benefit on us. It is to know the Creator and to worship Him by heart and soul with realization and thank Him by full faith and fairness.



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